Today is a BIG day. We are officially announcing our new program, THE PALMETTO PARTNERSHIP of All 4 Autism. At times, I thought it was silly to change things. All 4 Autism has been successful, and exceeded any expectations that I imagined when this was an idea back in 2016. However, I just couldn’t ignore this voice that kept telling me that this organization could, and should, reach more families.

My oldest son, who has autism, was my inspiration for leaving a secure job, taking a leap of faith, and starting something that I didn’t know if it would work, or not. The response was huge, and I immediately felt overwhelmed and unworthy of the responsibility that came with starting a resource center for autism. It has not been an easy road, and my family has been right beside me to share the long hours, hard work and sacrifice.

If you truly know me, then you understand how incredibly hard it is for me to put the gritty, personal and tough parts of this journey out there, for all to read and see. I don’t like to admit how much this job affects me physically and emotionally. I don’t scare easily, and don’t mind hard work, but there are days when I feel like I fall short and wonder if I’m doing enough, or if someone could do it better. Just when I think it may be too much, and time to let go, someone calls and reminds me that what we do matters, or something happens that shows me that we are making a difference.

Serving our families and being even the smallest part of helping to bring awareness and inclusion for those that are looking for a place where they “belong” has been a blessing and an honor. So, again, why change course when it was just getting comfortable, and a bit easier? BECAUSE WE SHOULD.

The decision to expand our mission to serve ALL those with disabilities was discussed at length, prayed over, and considered by the people that have invested a great deal of their time, hearts and energy into All 4 Autism. These precious people have been with me for the good times, and rolled up their sleeves and dug deep during the tough stuff, too. We don’t have the big budgets, staff and name recognition of other nonprofits, but we do have a community of support that believes in us and gives us the courage to take this next step. We may be small, but we are doing BIG things.

We chose to make this announcement on WORLD KINDNESS DAY because of our desire to be more inclusive and open our doors and hearts to all the under-served. Please join us on this new journey, as we prepare for our grand opening in 2024.

Stay tuned… There is SO much more to come!