Our Mission


Our mission is to increase the quality of life of those with disabilities, and their families, by providing free resources, support and advocacy services, while actively seeking opportunities to partner with others and serve as ambassadors of goodwill in our community.


Our purpose is to increase inclusion in our community by promoting the belief that all people have value and unique gifts, regardless of ability. We will raise awareness and understanding of those with disabilities through the following efforts:

Training and Workshops: We provide training opportunities and workshops for people with disabilities, professionals, family members, and community leaders. Our trainings are based on direct requests, and by actively identifying the needs of our community.

Outreach and Advocacy: We provide community outreach and advocacy services that promote inclusion and awareness, while giving a voice to those with disabilities, and the tools to self-advocate.

Research: We actively research, locate and share information and programs to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.
Support and Networking Events: We develop support events that are free, and easily accessible, through a variety of means for those with disabilities and their families/caregivers.

Community Collaboration: We grow support and services by hosting a monthly open house, where we invite other agencies and organizations to share resources and information about their programs. These collaborations promote an appreciation for diversity and help bridge partnerships in our community and those we serve.